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Chet Van Wert
Editor, IoT For Real

About this community:

A lot is being written today about the “internet of things.” Much of what we’ve seen describes an alternately wonderful and scary sci-fi vision of a world in which smart versions of everyday objects talk to us – and, more important, to each other – as they collaborate to either empower or enslave us. Since the moment of “singularity,” when some expect artificial intelligence to exceed human intelligence, is predicted to occur about the time that the Internet of Things reaches maturity – between 2030 and 2040 – perhaps there is reason to be afraid.

Never mind. We won’t dwell on the future.

Our goal in IOT FOR REAL is to provide unbiased, practical information about the capabilities and shortcomings of connected things today. We’ll cover connected homes, health, energy and sustainability applications, safety and security, privacy, and even a networked environment. We’ll also cover some of the less technical uses of connected devices in business, especially small business.

Welcome to age of the internet of things … for real!

About the editor:

Chet Van Wert is a digital marketer and business strategist with 20 years of experience at the intersection of online media, database marketing, and e-commerce. Since the dawn of the commercial internet in 1994, when he was responsible for launching one of the earliest e-commerce successes at ColumbiaHouse.com, he has taken part in the evolution of digital media while helping companies that face “the end of the world as we know it” develop new digital business opportunities.

Chet began his professional career as an editor of scientific reference books, and soon thereafter earned his MBA. Since 2001, he has been an adjunct instructor in NYU’s Master’s degree program in Integrated Marketing, where he teaches Competitive Strategy. In moments when he finds the Internet of Things more scary than exciting, his students restore his profound sense of optimism about the future.