Relationship problems? Flowers help! Here’s where you can order your next olive branch, 1-800-Flowers has launched GWYN.
Your Personal Gift Concierge
Chet Van Wert | Apr 24, 2017
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People (especially men) underestimate the power flowers have in navigating the politics of romance. GWYN, which stands for “Gifts When You Need” makes the search and purchase process painless. You’re limited to gifts that one can purchase from the 1-800-Flowers network of brands, which includes flowers, popcorn, steaks, cookies, fruit bouquets, or breakfast pastries. But, it’s an impressive inventory of choices, so you’re sure to find the right gift.

GWYN helps provide the lovelorn, and others with choices based on specific needs and wants via mobile or desktop. The more you use Gwyn, the more it learns how to customize products for you. I tried it and got gift recommendations within a couple of minutes. Found the $40 bouquet of roses to settle a domestic dispute after a few “show more products” clicks. It’s super easy to adjust your search criteria via a left hand menu, or restart the conversation if you run into a snafu.

“Flowers mean never having to say your sorry,” could be the next thing.

It works with natural language taking specific suggestions, like “show me roses” or for the more clueless among us “something for my girlfriend” and helps narrow them down. Where Gwen really helps is the daunting “ugh, where do I start?” process quickly providing relevant suggestions.

Try it here!

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